Cultural Contrast: Americans Vs. Brits at restaurants

Let’s play a game.  See if you can figure out which woman eating at a nice Mediterranean restaurant on the South Bank of London is American and which one is British:

Let’s look at a few more:

Watch each of them eating for a moment and see if you can spot some things that set them apart:

As you’ve probably been able to guess by now, the brunette is American and the blond is British.  It’s fascinating to observe how differently they not only chew food, but speak and smile. The American woman has a looseness to her mouth when she is chewing such that sometimes her mouth isn’t even fully closed, while the British woman keeps her mouth closely pressed together not only while she chews, but most of the time she is listening to her dinner date.

In addition, you see that the American woman tends to use much more expressive, wide, and frequently goofy facial movements whereas her British counterpart usually limits herself to delicate, careful gestures, a slight smile and a vague look of interest.

I’m not going to say which approach to restaurant dining is better – both women clearly have their unique personalities and traits.  But I will say that it looks like the American is having more fun.

In conclusion:

(Transcript –  My sister: “Bloggers are a hazard to society.  I’ve decided this. That chandelier is starting to look more and more like a translucent octopus.”  Me: “Right?” My sister: “Right, look at it!”)

I don’t think that British woman would have had this conversation, whereas the American…well she might have.

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~ by zoetropic on October 25, 2010.

8 Responses to “Cultural Contrast: Americans Vs. Brits at restaurants”

  1. Ooooh that made my day in the Office jejeje!!! You’re an amazing observant! :*

  2. Some people are just more cautious when they’re eating! They don’t like their mouth looking like its taking in food. And some people let it all hang out, and enjoy each step along the way. Which are you?
    Interesting observations. You’ll find some of each in every resaurant.
    Again, your ability to describe these subtle nuances is impressive. With photos to illustrate!

  3. Try to film two cultures eating a burrito. That’s where the real differences will come out.

  4. well that’s strange… I’m American and I have friends from England and they don’t eat like the English girl in the video. I think it has more to do with the person you are. One of my friends from England does nothing but talk the entire time while eating. Americans tend to smile a lot when they are nervous so the American might have felt out of place.

  5. If we had seen more of the video…a british person would used a knife and fork to cut and then eat their food with knife in hand, whilst an american would had cut and changed hands to eat and placed the knife on the side.

  6. Let’s think of a stereotype and then see if we can prove it with a slideshow! Aha, it’s proven! I think the blonde is the ugly American since she doesn’t have the sense to use a napkin when wiping her mouth. However, the brunette eating with gusto appears to be more Italian than British. Perhaps she’s an Eastender or a scally.

  7. prejudge |prēˈjəj|
    verb [ with obj. ]
    form a judgment on (an issue or person) prematurely and without having adequate information.

  8. The American woman is probably on holiday that’s why. The English woman might work down the road.

    Also, it depends on the personalities rather than just how 2 specific women eat.

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