Here and There: A Room with a View

My last post, The Uncertainty Principle, took a lot out of me.  So for a nice contrast this post will be short, simple, and sweet – and practically free of verbal content.  I’m working on a longer post for Thursday.

Today I’ll inaugurate two new categories of posts that will show up from time to time:  “Then and Now” and “Here and There.”

Then and Now will usually involve some kind of image or historical anecdote from at least two decades and up to several hundred years ago, compared to a corresponding image or anecdote from today – usually something from my direct body of experience – to help create a kind of cross-epochal continuity (particularly interesting in places like France where the modern culture is so deeply steeped in the historical).

Here and There will use one of my experiences in a particular geographical location and put it in contrast with the same category of experience in a different location, either through image or anecdote.

Today, for my first foray into “Here and There,” I’m just going to show you the view from the window of my apartment in Caracas, Venezuela, compared to the view from my apartment here in Pau, France – to give a small taste of the my lifestyle in one place versus the other.

The view from my home on the 6th floor of Edificio San Martin, in Parque Central, Caracas, Venezuela:

And from my apartment on the 5th floor of La Residence Florestan, Pau, France:








~ by zoetropic on November 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Here and There: A Room with a View”

  1. I’d prefer Pau :). Very cool blog of yours.

    • Well Pau is certainly more aesthetically appealing in a traditional sense 😉 And thanks for the complement! I hope you come by again sometime soon

  2. nice…to see

  3. I like this series. I have one picture I took in Tuscany that I evidently called “Room with a View”…;)

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