Taken Captive by Spain

Last week I wrote about depressing effects of the overwhelming youth unemployment in Spain.  I wanted to take up some space here now and balance that perspective with a window into the beauty, passion, and grace of Spain –  some glimpses of the landscapes, the architecture, the art and the wonderful people.  Despite the horrible economy and spreading poverty, the true wealth of the country remains in the incredibly rich culture and the resilience of the people.

The following photographs are but a small sampling of images from my various trips to Spain in the last year or two.  The pictures gathered are from the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Grenada, and Cordoba, and the towns Irun, Hondarribia, Tozar, Alcala La Real, Zuheros, Priego de Cordoba, and Uncastillo.  (If you would like to know where a picture was taken place your cursor over it, and you should see a description.  You can also click on them to view a larger version).

Spain has taken some part of me captive. I hope after viewing these images you can understand why.


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~ by zoetropic on August 29, 2012.

5 Responses to “Taken Captive by Spain”

  1. How forget all those amazing visits to Nuestra Especial España!! QUE VIVA

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  3. Love your photos! Spain’s spirit has captured something in me too, despite how hard the political-economic situation is currently making life here.

  4. […] *Taken Captive by Spain […]

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