Sensational Zaragoza Street Art

One of the great perks of living in Pau, France, is how close we are to Spain.  In December I spent two days exploring the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza.  I was particularly struck by the wealth of amazing street art and graffiti that lit up what would otherwise have been dark, cold winter streets; it was bright, bold and bizarre in the best way, and to be discovered all over the city in the both the smallest and broadest of spaces.



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~ by zoetropic on March 21, 2012.

18 Responses to “Sensational Zaragoza Street Art”

  1. That’s amazing, the graffiti really brightens up the city. So cool!

  2. That is pretty cool, amazing art. I really enjoyed.. : )

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  4. awesomeness

  5. This small sample is only the tip of the iceberg of what Zaragoza of it’s amazing Street art!

    • I imagine! This is only what I saw accidentally with one day to wander around – if this is what I saw in that time parameter, there must hundreds and hundreds of wonderful things down all the streets I did not walk! It’s exciting 🙂 Do you happen to know why the street art scene in Zaragoza is so vibrant?

      • I wish I did! I only visited Zaragoza because of the Goya artwork they have and the Basilica (which is fantastic btw) and to get an extra hit of artwork was such an added bonus.

  6. I should add Zaragoza on cities to visit list. 🙂

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  8. You should 🙂
    I actually live round the corner from most of these and you covered a big part of em, there are definitely much more around though…
    One of the reasons there is so much street art around is the annual street art festival by Asalto productions ( and there is a project in Zgz where they reinvent empty public spaces with the help of the people living around it called estonoesunsolar (, where they invite graffiti-artists to fill the blind walls….
    (ome of em I covered on my blog as well)

    • Thank you for this information!! What a fantastic idea…I hope a lot of other cities follow suit – it’s just SO cool!

      • You’re welcome, lots of other cities are enthousiastic about this project after seeing it win architectural/cultural prizes! And the 7th edition of Asalto festival is in the making… 🙂

  9. Efectivamente, es una muestra excelente del trabajo de los grafitteros de la ciudad de Zaragoza, y demuestran con su arte cómo se pueden embellecer espacios de otra manera vacíos, descuidados, feos. Cuando vengas por Barcelona, si tienes tiempo, también encontrarás trabajos muy buenos. Abrazos…

  10. Qué ha pasado? acabo de escribir un comentario sobre el trabajo de los graffiteros en Zaragoza, en español, y se convierte en un comentario sin pies ni cabeza a causa, supongo, de una nefasta doble traducción. Es una lástima porque se pierde el sentido de lo escrito

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  12. Wow! Amazing! I’m spending my next holiday in Zaragoza! The festival is taking place in September, right? However, I’d love to see more of the political or social issues which are typical for street art in Vancouver, for example. Could you tell me if the festival concentrates mainly on graffiti, or are there also more subtle forms to see? Thanks!

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